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FIC: The Late Year Lies [Sleepy Hollow - Ichabod/Abbie]

Title: The Late Year Lies
Characters/Pairings: Ichabod/Abbie
Rating: M
Word count: 2,054
Disclaimer: I do not own Sleepy Hollow (the show or story), Ichabod, or Abbie.
Summary: She didn’t think she’d be spending the year following the apocalypse following his skinny, British ass across the country, but she’d given up trying to figure out any sort of divine plan for her soul about five years and two hundred demons ago.
A/N: You can also read this over on AO3, if you're so inclined! Title comes from "Sure On This Shining Night," one of my favorite poems by James Agee.

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Fic: Introduction to Artificial Harmonics and String Theory [Community - Jeff/Annie]

Title: Introduction to Artificial Harmonics and String Theory
Characters/Pairings: Jeff/Annie, (With a splash of Troy/Britta)
Rating: R for some colorful language
Word count: 4,130
Disclaimer: I do not own Community, Annie, or Jeff. Considering installing a Dreamatorium in my apartment, though. Still waiting on the building permits from those riverboat gamblers; dinosaur zoning is a drag.
Summary: Jeff and Annie work through issues in the confines of the Dreamatorium.
A/N:  Oh boy. This is not only my first Community fic, but also the weirdest fic I think I’ve ever written (Gosh, don’t you just love Community?). Though I strayed slightly from the path, I was inspired by ficcingagain’s Ficcy Friday prompt asking for a Dreamatorium fic featuring Jeff as Annie and Annie as Jeff. Not only did I want to explore writing the Dreamatorium, I also wanted to work through some of what Annie said to Abed in regards to her relationship with Jeff in “Virtual Systems Analysis.” It’s a bit angsty (darkest timeline and all that), but I’m rootin’ for these crazy kids. Looking forward to hearing from ya’ll!

(By the by, this prompt was also followed [more closely - not to mention just lovelily] by _carly_, which you should also check out.)

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fic: the whole sky fell [parks and rec - leslie/ben]

Title: The Whole Sky Fell
Pairing: Leslie/Ben
Rating: R because angsty Ben swears
Word count: 2,808
Summary: His father dies the day before the Harvest Festival.
A/N:  This fic comes from several places. 1) When looking at the Hiatus Fest Challenge, I was toying with the idea of Past/Future, and contemplating on how we know relatively little about Ben’s past, and this is what happened and is probably not really a challenge answer. So, please forgive me that. 2) I love, love, love all the fluff and positive energy of this fandom (it has brought me out of 2 year fandom/LJ abstinence), but I was cravin’ some angst. 3) This may or may not be a thinly veiled piece of propaganda for my Give Ben a Beard Campaign (of which, to my knowledge, I am the only advocate). Title from Gregory Alan Isakov's "The Stable Song."

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